Thursday, July 2, 2009

Music in the moment

I really do love summer nights in Phoenix. Driving home from work is always peaceful for me, with the windows down, warm air running through my hair, moonlight shining above, while listening to an artist that moves you to putting your thoughts/poetry on paper. I think that sometimes when we become absorbed into the world of faster, faster, faster we forget to slow down. There is not a better way to do that than with music. Music really is "one of the best ways to enjoy the present"~Sonnett Branche.
Every now and then you need to pop in some "old school" music of yours that reminds you of some great times with friends or family. That album that makes you smile cause you can remember a moment that made you laugh till you cried or one that reminds you of how beautiful you are. Or how about the album that brings back the time you went to see them in concert and never wanted the "moment" to end.
Even that artist that rocked you to feeling stronger and more independent. It could be the album that you played over and over while driving, singing as loud as you could cause you were the only one in the car. Go back and play that song that came on while you had your first dance with the guy/girl you really liked or your first real kiss that gave you butterflies.
Sit back an just relax and appreciate the times that made you smile. You were smiling cause you were living in the moment with yourself.