Sunday, May 29, 2011

New and Improved

I guess after a year of not using my blog, it became deleted, sort of. So here I go again, starting over in sharing my life journeys to the world or my close family and friends.

After years of test anxiety and sticking my nose in text books, case studies and metabolic systems, I finally can say that it has paid off. As of Friday May 13 2011 (spooky), I walked across that graduation stage of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation from Arizona State University. How many years later? Too many and way in over my head in financial loan debt. Yet, I can say that I LOVE the degree I got. Dietetics.

So now begins my journey in nutrition. Helping the world to be healthier. Okay, so that maybe exaggerating. Let's try with one person at a time first. So now the job hunt is on, and the studying is still not over. I am waiting to here from the Commission of the American Dietetic Association to tell me when to take the Diet Tech exam. Once that is complete, a registered Diet Tech I will be.

Friday, August 6, 2010

To Be..... or Not to Be......

So almost an entire year has gone by since my last entry. I didn't even realize how much time had passed. Then, when you stop and actually think of all that has happened in your life during that time, you don't know where to begin. So, the past is in the past and here is the now....

It was pointed out to me once again (last night) from my husband, (oh yeah I got married) that I always have to be saving something. As he put it "humans and animals". It soon then turns into worry and I have now become worried sick. Hold on a second there! When did this start to happen? I then dug, and dug, and dug deeper into the network of reasons as to why I do. Final answer... I just do and I don't have the slightest clue for a "when" answer.

Oh... now more questions begin to rise and quickly at that too. Is this a sign of getting older? Am I turning into my mother? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

WTF! I am now worried over being worried!

I have found out in the last year that I have a brain that can not shut off. Brains can't shut off you silly, but they can slow down. Nope. Not me. After 32 years, I now have ADD. LOL! You can't be serious? Me? I think you have the wrong girl.

Yet... it makes sense. All the lists in my head. All the unfinished mini projects. All the worry and OCD over the most minor thing. All the songs that play repeat when you are trying to go to sleep. All the ball point pens I have collected for the last...... All the random things that pop into my head for no reason at all. All the distractions from one second to the next. Squirrel!

Damn! And I thought I was perfect. I am a nutcase! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New Friend

Since my mother came to visit three weeks ago I have found a new friend. One night she walked out to my back patio and said she heard a bunch of flapping noises. Growing up in Chico, Ca we always saw bats flying around at night hunting for their dinner. No big deal. So she assumed that it was a bat in my patio. Logical since we live near a mountain preserve that houses bats.
Last Saturday night I took some trash out around midnight and on my way back from the trashcan I heard a bunch of flapping noises that startled me. Instantly I thought it was the bat. Poor thing was flying all over the place under the patio trying to escape. Once I was able to focus on the frantic animal, I realized that it is a bird. What the heck is a bird doing in my patio at midnight? Shouldn't it be in a tree? I just thought he was really lost. Never thought anything more. Till Monday rolls around and I let my dog out for his nightly release before bedtime. I just happen to look up and see a bird perched on the strand of Halloween lights I have under my patio. Tuesday comes and I let Tikani out again for our nightly routine. There, the bird sits again. Now part of my nightly routine is to check to make sure that my friend is there. For some strange reason he makes me smile. I get a bit of comfort knowing that he is there. Welcome to my home my friend. My home is now your home.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I have love

Yeah it's been awhile. And a lot sure does happen in about three months. For once now during the two years of dealing with a custody case, it has finally made a turn for us. Not a better turn financially, but a better turn legally. What a battle! I never wish this upon anyone. It has brought nothing but stress, and every stress that the body can encounter. Of which is not healthy! Through it all I have found out more about myself, and what really is important in life. I thank YOU, (my friends and family) for your support. Without you, I would not be as strong as I am today. You my friend, I want you to know that I admire you. Most of all, I thank my love, Brandon. You have brought me to experience love and what love can conquer.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Music in the moment

I really do love summer nights in Phoenix. Driving home from work is always peaceful for me, with the windows down, warm air running through my hair, moonlight shining above, while listening to an artist that moves you to putting your thoughts/poetry on paper. I think that sometimes when we become absorbed into the world of faster, faster, faster we forget to slow down. There is not a better way to do that than with music. Music really is "one of the best ways to enjoy the present"~Sonnett Branche.
Every now and then you need to pop in some "old school" music of yours that reminds you of some great times with friends or family. That album that makes you smile cause you can remember a moment that made you laugh till you cried or one that reminds you of how beautiful you are. Or how about the album that brings back the time you went to see them in concert and never wanted the "moment" to end.
Even that artist that rocked you to feeling stronger and more independent. It could be the album that you played over and over while driving, singing as loud as you could cause you were the only one in the car. Go back and play that song that came on while you had your first dance with the guy/girl you really liked or your first real kiss that gave you butterflies.
Sit back an just relax and appreciate the times that made you smile. You were smiling cause you were living in the moment with yourself.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Finds

I really do love great finds. As of late, I have found some that might fancy you. For my birthday I got a bag of gifts. One of those gifts happened to be an impulse buy gift. You know, that last minute filler gift to make the bag look like there's more in it. I got flip-flops from the great store of Tar-get. Really you can't ever have too many flip-flops. But the best thing about them is that they were A DOLLAR! Okay, okay so you think that they are a dollar and they would only last a day. WRONG! They surprised me by the amount of comfort and squishiness my feet felt below them. I just felt like jumping in them for hours. Yeah... they may have that cheesy floral design that doesn't even match your outfit that day, but who looks at that anyway, your feet are covering up the design.
I made my way to Walgreens. I was just shopping for shampoo and conditioner. NOT! I really was on a mission for purple nail polish. Dark purple that is. I watched a movie and saw an actress wearing it and it looked just too cute. So my obsession began.
First brand I see is Sallie Hansen and I spotted the purple right away. I still decided to walk down the entire cosmetics aisle just to see the other options and see what new beauty styles I am missing out on. Na, nothing else looked close to what I wanted. Then I took my time and came across another purple. Only problem was that there was not a listed price in sight. Just then I got smart and lifted up a plastic flap and BAM! $1.99
So I make my way home, quickly groom my finger nails, push back the cuticles and paint away. Stroke one, and it's way too clear. "Shit", I say to myself, "I should have gone with Sallie Hansen." Stroke two, okay it's lookin a little more like what I wanted. Then I think to myself, (it's gonna take me like eight strokes to look how I wanted, then it would be all thick, sticky and look like I had a horrible twitch while I was painting them). Stroke three, "Perfect!" See I knew that $1.99 nail polish would truly pay off. Thank you, Sinful Colors you made my day. And hopefully some elses. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Who wears short shorts!"

Is it just me.... or are the shorts that girls are wearing these days a little too short? And when I mean girls, I mean the female gender of ALL ages. The other day I caught myself starring at this gals behind, in her say.... early to mid twenties wearing short shorts. You know, the kind where the rim of the shorts meets the brim of your rear cheeks. I was really questioning how she could look so cute in them? And when I say that, I am really saying "they look like normal shorts on her, but not on me". If I even try, there is now way in hell I could pull it off without being tacky. I would look like I shopped in the juniors section at JC Penney's. And then I think I figured it out. Having long legs is a plus (something that wasn't on the "important" list in my gene pool ), having a booty makes the shorts rise (giving you the "sneak peak preview"), and most importantly.... I am getting older.
I'll just stick to the comfy jeans, even thought it's 104 degrees outside. I laugh at myself, cause I remember once asking a friend why she always wore jeans during the high heat of the summer in the Valley of the Sun. Now I have my answer.
Thanks Booty Queen.