Sunday, May 29, 2011

New and Improved

I guess after a year of not using my blog, it became deleted, sort of. So here I go again, starting over in sharing my life journeys to the world or my close family and friends.

After years of test anxiety and sticking my nose in text books, case studies and metabolic systems, I finally can say that it has paid off. As of Friday May 13 2011 (spooky), I walked across that graduation stage of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation from Arizona State University. How many years later? Too many and way in over my head in financial loan debt. Yet, I can say that I LOVE the degree I got. Dietetics.

So now begins my journey in nutrition. Helping the world to be healthier. Okay, so that maybe exaggerating. Let's try with one person at a time first. So now the job hunt is on, and the studying is still not over. I am waiting to here from the Commission of the American Dietetic Association to tell me when to take the Diet Tech exam. Once that is complete, a registered Diet Tech I will be.