Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Finds

I really do love great finds. As of late, I have found some that might fancy you. For my birthday I got a bag of gifts. One of those gifts happened to be an impulse buy gift. You know, that last minute filler gift to make the bag look like there's more in it. I got flip-flops from the great store of Tar-get. Really you can't ever have too many flip-flops. But the best thing about them is that they were A DOLLAR! Okay, okay so you think that they are a dollar and they would only last a day. WRONG! They surprised me by the amount of comfort and squishiness my feet felt below them. I just felt like jumping in them for hours. Yeah... they may have that cheesy floral design that doesn't even match your outfit that day, but who looks at that anyway, your feet are covering up the design.
I made my way to Walgreens. I was just shopping for shampoo and conditioner. NOT! I really was on a mission for purple nail polish. Dark purple that is. I watched a movie and saw an actress wearing it and it looked just too cute. So my obsession began.
First brand I see is Sallie Hansen and I spotted the purple right away. I still decided to walk down the entire cosmetics aisle just to see the other options and see what new beauty styles I am missing out on. Na, nothing else looked close to what I wanted. Then I took my time and came across another purple. Only problem was that there was not a listed price in sight. Just then I got smart and lifted up a plastic flap and BAM! $1.99
So I make my way home, quickly groom my finger nails, push back the cuticles and paint away. Stroke one, and it's way too clear. "Shit", I say to myself, "I should have gone with Sallie Hansen." Stroke two, okay it's lookin a little more like what I wanted. Then I think to myself, (it's gonna take me like eight strokes to look how I wanted, then it would be all thick, sticky and look like I had a horrible twitch while I was painting them). Stroke three, "Perfect!" See I knew that $1.99 nail polish would truly pay off. Thank you, Sinful Colors you made my day. And hopefully some elses. :)


  1. I would just like to say, don't lie. The "movie" you saw was really your birthday party; and the "actress" was really me. It was I who was sporting purple toes that evening...It is I who is your motivation. And you're very welcome.

  2. Well then.... I am so glad it is YOU who is in my life to make sure I stay motivated. :)