Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Who wears short shorts!"

Is it just me.... or are the shorts that girls are wearing these days a little too short? And when I mean girls, I mean the female gender of ALL ages. The other day I caught myself starring at this gals behind, in her say.... early to mid twenties wearing short shorts. You know, the kind where the rim of the shorts meets the brim of your rear cheeks. I was really questioning how she could look so cute in them? And when I say that, I am really saying "they look like normal shorts on her, but not on me". If I even try, there is now way in hell I could pull it off without being tacky. I would look like I shopped in the juniors section at JC Penney's. And then I think I figured it out. Having long legs is a plus (something that wasn't on the "important" list in my gene pool ), having a booty makes the shorts rise (giving you the "sneak peak preview"), and most importantly.... I am getting older.
I'll just stick to the comfy jeans, even thought it's 104 degrees outside. I laugh at myself, cause I remember once asking a friend why she always wore jeans during the high heat of the summer in the Valley of the Sun. Now I have my answer.
Thanks Booty Queen.


  1. Not to mention GUYS who wear jogging shorts that are too freaking short! Yeaggh!

  2. I am glad that I was able to help you out! Anything for my dear friend!