Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New Friend

Since my mother came to visit three weeks ago I have found a new friend. One night she walked out to my back patio and said she heard a bunch of flapping noises. Growing up in Chico, Ca we always saw bats flying around at night hunting for their dinner. No big deal. So she assumed that it was a bat in my patio. Logical since we live near a mountain preserve that houses bats.
Last Saturday night I took some trash out around midnight and on my way back from the trashcan I heard a bunch of flapping noises that startled me. Instantly I thought it was the bat. Poor thing was flying all over the place under the patio trying to escape. Once I was able to focus on the frantic animal, I realized that it is a bird. What the heck is a bird doing in my patio at midnight? Shouldn't it be in a tree? I just thought he was really lost. Never thought anything more. Till Monday rolls around and I let my dog out for his nightly release before bedtime. I just happen to look up and see a bird perched on the strand of Halloween lights I have under my patio. Tuesday comes and I let Tikani out again for our nightly routine. There, the bird sits again. Now part of my nightly routine is to check to make sure that my friend is there. For some strange reason he makes me smile. I get a bit of comfort knowing that he is there. Welcome to my home my friend. My home is now your home.

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